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Sebewaing's fiber Internet system extends across approximately 20 miles of fiber optic cables and is owned by the city utility, Sebewaing Light and Water (Sebewaing). Sebewaing installed the fiber optic connections supporting fiber to the home (FTTH) in September of 2014.


Sebewaing had struggled to get quick, reliable service to the municipality for a considerable length of time. "Nobody would come here," said Melaine McCoy, Sebewaing Superintendent. "We decided we would do it all alone."


Fiber Internet is otherwise called Gigabyte Internet for its ability to send one gigabyte of data per second. A gigabyte of data equates to over 4,000 books, 600 web pages, and 250 mp3 sound files. Fiber Internet underpins applications like live video conferencing, practically instantaneous movie downloads, seamless online gameplay, and opens new capabilities for hospitals, schools, governments, producing companies, and some more.


While numerous cities with fiber Internet are subject to service charges set by a public ISP, Sebewaing is a neighborhood utility and works to the greatest advantage of residents. Sebewaing had the option to keep up control of the fiber system due to a limited extent to capabilities as an electrical utility, using existing infrastructure to introduce fiber lines. "We had capital reserves that were set aside for this," McCoy explained. "For a metropolitan electric utility, we're used to a drawn out payback period, as long as 20 years or more. We project [for fiber Internet] a seven to eight year payback."


Sebewaing's first customer turned on its fiber Internet near the end of 2014. Nearly a year later, Sebewaing would now be able to assess what fiber means for an unassuming community and provide a model for others to follow. Light-speed Internet, yet in addition media attention, carries new investment to Fiber Cities. In spite of the fact that Sebewaing has not seen the new business that larger cities have—like the $900 million Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga—McCoy says it gives residents a reason to remain. "Without reliable broadband, all the talent leaves; all the youngsters leave. It's not necessarily true that 'in the event that you build it, they will come,' however on the off chance that you don't build it, they're going to leave."


Sebewaing Speed Test


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